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Zebra TTP 2010打印机


Zebra TTP 2010打印机


The TTP 2010 packages the latest reliability and performance features into one of the most compact kiosk printer models on the market. It also provides excellent reliability for kiosks with features like the guillotine cutter, jam-preventing loop presenter, tear-preventing pull detector, and retract-and-retain function that protects customers private information by retracting any printouts left behind. With its variety of media roll locations (above, behind, and below), its compact size, and its vertical configuration option, the TTP 2010 offers a flexible solution for kiosk integration. Typical applications for the TTP 2010 include loyalty and discount vouchers, vending and photo kiosk receipts. The TTP 2010 handles paper widths between 58 mm/2.28" and 82.5 mm/3.25", and has a serial interface.

Technical Information
Print Technology: Direct Thermal
Maximum Mono Print Speed: 5.9 in/s
Maximum Print Resolution: 203 dpi
Maximum Print Width: 2.8" 71mm

Media Types & Handling
Media Type: Fanfold Roll Paper
Media Thickness: 0.004" 0.1mm

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions: 2.6" Height x 4.1" Width x 5.7" Depth 66mm Height x 104mm Width x 145mm Depth
Weight: 1.1 kg 2.43 lb

Platform Support: PC


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